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A Potential Partner
Mar 6, 2014

Medical Bridges welcomed Dr. Laurence  Kamara and Dr. Pierre Claver Niangoin from the District of Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, along with Mr. Jean Bouadou and Dr. Jeffrey Bouadou of Global Assistance. Dr. Kamara led the delegation on behalf of Governor Robert Mambe to explore the possibility of collaborating with Medical Bridges to improve healthcare delivery in his district.

(Left to right) Mr. Jean Bouadou, Mrs. Dorothy Bolettieri, 
Dr. Laurence Kamara, Dr. Pierre Claver Niangoin, 
Mr. George Bolettieri and Dr. Jeffrey Bouadou.

The tour began in the Sort Room where our guests were amazed to see the high-quality medical supplies that would be available to them -- everything from scissors to manual oxygen pumps. Big smiles and laughs filled the room as they sorted through several boxes of supplies. One of the highlights of the tour was the team's visit to the Medical Bridges Bio-Med Test Room. Our bio-med technician, Lauren Smith, dazzled the delegation with the array and quality of medical equipment she and her colleague, Irma Martinez, were evaluating and repairing. Dr. Kamara was thrilled to have the opportunity to test a heart monitor that Lauren was working on.

Upon their return to Abidjan, the team remarked that they would recommend to Governor Mambe that Medical Bridges begin preparing the first 12 ocean-freight shipments to Abidjan within the next two months.





 (Left to right) Dr. Laurence Kamara, Mr. Jean Bouadou, 
Dr. Pierre Claver Niangoin, Ms. Lauren Smith and Dr. Jeffrey Bouadou.

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