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Barbara Van Postman

“I’m more committed than ever to help”

“She’s a red-headed ‘go-getter’ who gets things done and gets it done with enthusiasm!”
That’s what so many say about Barbara Van Postman who is a life-long supporter of causes surrounding children, animals and education. Among her continued nonprofit involvements are: the University of St. Thomas Scholarship Fund; the Houston BARC Foundation where she was appointed to serve by Mayor Anise Parker; and Texas Children’s Hospital where she headed up their Annual Fundraising Luncheons.
For the last two years, Barbara and Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein have served as Co-Chairs of Medical Bridges Annual Gala raising hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In this new Donor Profile section of the monthly newsletter, Barbara talks about why she continues to support Medical Bridges.
“In all the years I’ve been involved with Medical Bridges, I have never toured the facility. I did last month and I can tell you that I was blown away!  I met their small staff of 15 who exudes such passion, dedication and pride in their work.  And when I saw the pure scope of all they do, it became very clear to me how vital and important the continued support of our time, talent and treasure is to the success of this agency’s mission. 
“I am more committed now than ever to be part of advancing the quality and availability of healthcare services to medically underserved families in developing countries.  I saw pictures that broke my heart. One in particular was of three small infants who, before Medical Bridges arrived, had to share one rusty hospital crib because that was all the healthcare center had. One crib. Imagine if one of those babies was yours. 
“Through your continued support, Medical Bridges will be able to expand their shipments around the world of what I call, “containers of life”.  These 40-foot containers are filled with donated, life-supporting medical basics like examination tables, hospital beds and cribs, leg braces, gauze, syringes … the list goes on and on.  Each item has been vetted, inspected, culled and deemed usable by Medical Bridges staff and volunteers.  All medical equipment, such as vital sign monitors, endoscopy towers and anesthesia machines are thoroughly tested in their biomed test room.  But none of these shipments can take place without our support and again, that support depends on us through our money, time and treasure.
“Kelli and I are looking forward to making the 2015 Gala on October 3, 2015, more successful than ever so, save the date.  You’ll hear more about this exciting event at the Hilton Houston Post Oak as our planning evolves.
“In the meantime, consider Medical Bridges to be part of your monthly or annual donation designation. And if you really want a treat, call for a tour (713-748-8131).  It’ll change your perspective and give you great insight into the wonders of Medical Bridges.  Make an impact in the world.  Be part of Medical Bridges, a solution-oriented organization that connects those who have to those who hope.”  

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